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Log Cabin

We have a close relationship with our log manufacturers. We can take a floorplan you bring us and make it into a log cabin or help you start from scratch and design a cabin to fit your budget and style. There are many benefits to owning a log home. Here are some. 

  • ​Solid log walls – Log homes are highly energy efficient, far exceeding the R-Factor performance that is typically used to measure stick-built homes under residential building codes.

  • Studies by the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Association of Home Builders Research Center have demonstrated the superiority of solid logs walls for energy efficiency. An NAHB study showed that a 6” thick log wall is 7% MORE energy efficient than a 2×6 framed wall with R-19 insulation.

  • Studies have shown that log homes are very fire-resistant, with certain types of woods performing better than others. Unlike the walls of traditional stick-built houses, log home walls are stacked and sealed with chinking to form a solid wall, which produces a much different dynamic when they're on fire.

  • Log homes are an eco-friendly building. With proper care, they last for centuries instead of decades like a lot of other poorly built and maintained homes.

  • Most of all, log homes have an aesthetic and beauty that can't be matched. 


Click here for NAHB article on log home energy efficiency

Link to one of our log suppliers

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